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The cast iron sleeves are
accurately bored and then,
they are hot fitted on
the steel tube.

Close contacts between
both tube/sleeve and
sleeve/sleeve are ensured
by our own high efficiency

Cast-Iron procteted Tubes

The mechanical resistance of the base steel tube allows its use at very high pressures and temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended in corrosive and/or dusty atmosphere.

The alignment of the cast iron fins in the bundle allows the creation of self cleaning parallel channels, with low pressure drops.

Thanks to its excellent characteristics in regards to abrasion and mainly to corrosion resistance, these finned tubes can be used in temperature range under the acid dew point.

When these tubes are shaped in hairpin, overmoulded cast iron bend protection can be associated to the standard accessories (machined extremity supports, intermediary supports…) for sulphuric acid or phosphoric acid units.

The extremities are bevelled but can also be flanged.

Moreover, it allows the use of all the conventional cleaning systems : shot blasting, air or steam blowing, washing…

These tubes are largely integrated for typical applications with waste heat recovery boilers and economizers running with coal, heavy fuel oil, industrial waste or domestic refuses.


Maximum gas temperature : 600°C.
Other dimensions and circular fins on request.
Tube length every 300 mm from 900 to 9600mm.
Base tube material : seamless carbon steel.
Fins : Grey cast iron sleeves EN-GJL-200/250.
Compatible with parallel welded finned tubes for hybrid units.
Reception by our own Quality-Control Service or by official services such as APAVE, LLOYDS, TÜV, VERITAS…