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The Fins are continuously
electric resistance welded
on the tubes.

The Fins shape as U channel.

Longitudinal finned tubes

These products apply very well for parallel flow
co-current or counter current.

The main advantages of longitudinally finned tubes are the following :

By increasing heat transfer surface, the size of the heat exchanger, mainly its diameter, can be reduced. This is particularly interesting in high pressure services since weight and thus prices can be reduced.

For instance, 1 meter of finned tube 1 inch outside diameter with 16 fins ½“ (12.7mm) high, provides a surface equivalent to 8 meters of bare tubes .

By increasing the surface, the fouling and coking are reduced since wall temperature is lower for an equivalent heat transfer.

For instance, with a 200°C steam tube side and a 25°C hydrocarbon shell side, skin temperature of the tube described before would be 185°C with bare tube and only 125°C with finned tubes.


A wide range of materials is available e.g. Carbon or Stainless Steel, Copper alloys, Nickel and Nickel Alloys.