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New type of longitudinal fins

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In order to improve the heat exchange in the equipment by having a more important heat transfer surface, All Finned Tubes developed new types of longitudinal fins. These new fins will be useful for many application as for instance : heaters placed in a vertical position inside the storage tanks.

24 different types of parallel finned tubes

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12 different designs for single tubes and 12 different designs for twin-tubes are available in All Finned Tubes products range. These designs have different dimension so that they can apply to many application. In addition to this, All Finned Tubes is also able to develop specific design upon request. All Finned Tube can propose every dimensions in order to meet customer needs.

23 different types of Cast Iron blocks

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All Finned Tubes develop 23 different types of Cast Iron blocks. These Cast Iron blocks can be installed on tubes with diameter from 38mm to 51mm.