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Low fins

The low finned are produced by a rolling process from seamless or welded tubes.

During the finning operation the inside diameter of the base tubes is reduced and simultaneously helical fins are rolled out of the tube wall.

Therefore the outside diameter of the fins becomes smaller or at least not larger than the allowed outside diameter of the unfinned tube sections.

Bimetallic tubes

When complex working environments mean that copper alloys on their own cannot provide a heat exchange solution it may be possible to use a bimetallic tube.

Combined tubes can be produced with copper alloy, aluminium, titanium, carbon or stainless steel combinations.

Bimetallic tube gives combined properties of heat exchange, strength and corrosion resistance that single tubes cannot provide.


Finned-block are composed of tubes mechanically expanded into self-spacing collars die-formed on the fins, which have a waved profile studied specially designed for the best thermodynamic performances.

The efficiency of this type of heat exchanger means that the cost/performance ratio is extremely good.