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The alignment of the fins
in the bundle allows the creation
of self cleaning parallel channels,
with low pressure drops.

Parallel finned tubes

Parallel Finned tubes are made of welded square fins. These products can be twin or single tubes.

These tubes are largely integrated for typical applications with waste heat recovery boilers and economizers running with coal, heavy fuel oil, industrial waste or domestic refuses.

It allows the use of all the conventional cleaning systems : shot blasting, air or steam blowing, washing…

The ’Double H’ design has the steel fins welded onto two tubes at the same time. This configuration can reduce the number of supports required due to its inherent stiffness.


Fin pitch from 10 to 30 mm.
Tube length up to 15 meters.
Fin interruptions on request.
Base material for tube and fins : carbon steel.
Compatible with cast iron finned tubes for hybrid units.
Special fin dimensions on request.
Resistance welding of the fins.