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The fin may by plain for
an easier cleaning of
the finned tube, or serrated
for a more efficient heat
transfer due to a better
turbilisation of the
external fluid.

Welded spiral finned tubes

Welded Spiral Finned tubes can use Serrated or Plain Fins.

Strong connection between fin and base tube prevents loosening of fin because of heat stress, oxidization, corrosion etc., use at very high temperatures possible.

The fin strip is wounded spirally onto the tube and welded continuously with a High Frequency Electrical process to the tube along the spiral root.

These tubes are used with a wide range of material such as carbon steel, low alloys steel and stainless steel for corrosive flue gas or high temperatures.

We can supply these tubes shaped in hairpin, with extremities bevelled or flanged.


Advantages of the serrated fins :
Higher heat coefficient for the same pressure drops.